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I understood the Ticketmaster surcharge for the last ticket I bought through them because I really took it as a karmic sort of bitch slap for actually paying to see Bret Michaels in person. Because in a round-about way, that's like supporting the Rock of Love (beyond my viewership but I'm not a Neilson family) and encouraging him and his hair plugs to continue to famewhore it up.

However, I'm slightly miffed by paying $40.00 on a $25.00 ticket to the Madison Roots Festival. Though theoretically, I'm coming out far ahead in this endeavor because I don't think G. Love, John Butler or Dar Williams are going to be hiding much with a bandanna. But still. I would just suck it up and move on except that apparently the new Ticketmaster thing is to give you a free Itunes download with purchase. That's sort of like getting kicked in the metaphorical balls and then getting a tip for it.

So while I look the Ticketmaster gifthorse in the mouth, I have little else really going on at this particular moment.
Jacksonville City Nights

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Hi friends and neighbors.

Stuff that's going on:

Went to Glen Phillips on Thursday and I will copy and paste my myspace entry on said thing:

Glen Phillips and Chocolate Russians

Admittedly, two things that really should have little to do with one another but so went the Glen Phillips show and the drinks had at the bar next door before it.  Since the show was decidedly low-key with just Glen and Jonathan Kingham with just the acoustics, it was a really good atmosphere of people where, once again, I was the youngest person in the room by at least ten years.  Ultra respectful crowd.

Highlights included:

--"Windmills" because it's my favorite Toad song ever.
--"Drive-By," "Dam Would Break," "Released," "Train Wreck," "Waiting," "Easier" and "Duck and Cover."
--"Courage" because I just love that song and the part that's been added since Winter Pays For Summer.  Still the song that has two of my favorite lyrics ever ("Though we all return to dust there's a lot of us in a terrible rush/Some take the road to Damascus/Some take the road to Hell/I'll take Highway 1 to the evergreens and everything will turn out well" and "There's an ocean of unlatched windows/A world of unlocked homes/The only reason anybody can still feel safe is that most people still knock on the door.")
--Glen reading the list of cuss words from a Harper's article about baseball players in the 1890s.  According to the letter published at the time, listing some of the insults and banter, baseball players in the 1800s were incredibly progressive in their swearing and intimidated each other and umpires by informing them that they were cocksuckers and were fucking their mothers.
--Newer stuff from the Secrets of the New Explorers EP.  "Solar Flare."  Glen described it as the kid's song about dying from radiation poisoning in a solar flare so you know it has to be good stuff.
--Dedicating "Political Science" to McCain and his inability to know the difference between Sunni and Shiite.  Glen nicely explained the difference for everyone who didn't know before adding the analogy of "It's like going to Northern Ireland and saying "They're all Christian--what's the fucking difference?"
--Glen breaking a string on "Everything But You," right during the "Messing up the words/murdering the tune" part of the song.  He did a quick change of the tuning and went right back to it.
--Forgetting the words to "Don't Need Anything" because of an utter brainfreeze.  It was supposed to be the last song but it earned one more since he didn't want to go out like that.

And yesterday I had some massive dental work done, taking out the two teeth that I knocked out at Noah's Ark when I was a kid, putting in a temporary bridge thing and a post to have the gum grow around.  Good shit.  Can I give a big props to the people who make Oxycodone?  Thanks.  I've got a lisp from this thing but oh well, I'll get used to it, I guess.  When I take it out, I look like Mick Foley and that sort of amuses me to no end.  Soon I'll be jumping off Hell In A Cell and wearing a sock on my hand.  But yeah.  Not overly fun.  And tonight is the Sixers so at least there's that.  Oh, and I took Monday off so also some good stuff there.

Maybe I'll update about the Sixers.  We shall see.
Roger Clyne

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New AIM, just because: LowlyandUnholy.

From this song

My laptop died an honorable death the other day and I had to go buy a new one so I've already spent the tax credit, or the "Sorry For The Bush Administration" credit as I call it.  Oh well.  That's about the only exciting thing to happen since the last time I was here.

Someday I'll write something of substance here.  Today is not that day.

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Let's see.  What's been happening.

Funny story:  My dad and I went to wrestling together at the Alliant which in itself isn't funny except that my mother managed to break/bruise ribs before I came to pick him up to go and he was glad to be out of the house.  She then spent the rest of the night whining and bitching about it, despite the fact she was injured doing something my father had expressly warned her not to do.  I told my dad that it's so rare to see natural selection up close and personal like that.  When we were suffering through a Hardcore Holly match (a sucky guy that we both have hated for the better part of a decade), he looked over at me and said "It's still better than being at home with your mother."  Which really is pretty much the truest words ever spoken.  On the plus side of that night, Chris Jericho is still hell-a hot and I'm still convinced HHH and HBK are sleeping together on the downlow.

Less than funny story: I need to get a couple teeth pulled because they were knocked out when I was a kid and it's overdue to get a bridge put in.  I've requested to be completely knocked the fuck out because I'm a chicken.  On the more amusing side, the night before, I will be getting drunk at the Glen Phillips show and the day after, when I am still probably a little drugged up, I'll be suffering through Hanson for the Sixers.  My life is amazing.

I have nothing else.
William Murderface Murderface Murderface

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It's pretty beautiful out today but only in Wisconsin would anyone say that 20-something degrees and sunny is nice. It's still a nice break from the winter from hell that seems to go on forever. More snow on Monday and I'm starting to think about moving. Seriously considering. I work for a company that's got offices all over but primarily California and New Mexico and I love desert so now I'm starting to wonder if Rufus wouldn't mind. I'll probably change my mind once spring comes around and I actually start to like this city again.

I'm going to have to shoot myself if I break down and buy tickets to Hanson just so I can see Kellogg play. But I'll more than likely do it because, well, it's Stephen and it's just how things work out. It's a couple nights after Glen Phillips anyway so whatever. My dad and I are going to wrestling at the Coliseum in a couple weeks which is admittedly a little old school of us since he hasn't watched it since I moved out years ago but I called him and said DX will be there and that was all she wrote. A hundred bucks later and we have good seats. I need to find my old Triple H shirt. That's just a weird bit of nostalgia that we still have and one of those things that I haven't been able to shake myself from all these years later.

Well, whatever. There's another half-assed update.